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The Institute of Informatics, Slovak Academy of Sciences is the accredited external educational institution for postgraduate doctoral studies in the study program “Applied informatics” 9.2.9 (the agreement with FIIT STU). As part of the study program, students will be involved in research in the area of artificial intelligence, data science, deep learning, deep neural networks, speech recognition, natural language processing, and more.

Among the other research activities of the institute belong also swarm robotics, bio-inspired optimization methods and algorithms, computer vision and signal processing.

II SAS has a rich international cooperation within the European research area focused mainly on, but not limited to, service-oriented distributed computing, knowledge-oriented technologies and spoken language processing technology for a long period of EC 5th-7th Framework Programmes and HORIZON 2020. The Institute has successfully completed a number of projects within the framework programmes during the period 2008-2011: 4 projects of FP7, 5 projects of FP6. The Institute successfully continued to gain fundings for the projects within HORIZON 2020. All students will have the opportunity to work on research and scientific projects and cooperation with our partners in practice.

IISAS is a publisher of an international scientific journal Computing and Informatics.

Ph.D. thesis for academic year 2018/2019 can be found at:

The further details and the enrolment procedure is described in

Studying at the Institute of Informatics SAS has the following benefits:

  • Working with up-to-date technologies and access to a powerful computing cluster of the II SAS.
  • Involvement in research projects at national and international levels.
  • Cooperation in the production of interesting applications for practice.
  • International mobility, financial coverage of travel expenses for active participation in international conferences.
  • Ph.D. internship at foreign scientific institutions.
  • The possibility of accommodation in a boarding house of SAS (in Devinska Nova Ves, 15 min. by bus from II SAS) in renovated apartments for a good price (75 € / month).
  • A scholarship for the academic year 2016/2017 was
    a) scholarship at least € 561.50 (before completing a state degree exam) + possibility of a surcharge when working on projects,
    b) scholarship at least € 646.50 (after completing a state degree exam) + possibility of a surcharge when working on projects.
  • Bonus for a successful Dissertation thesis defense.

Other employee benefits

  • Flexible work schedule, weekly working time of 37,5 hours
  • Additional 5 paid vacation days
  • Advantageous reimbursement of sick leave
  • Bonuses for publications and year-end bonuses
  • Bonuses or incentives for publications (according to evaluation by the Scientific board of II SAS)
  • Recreational options – holiday stay in the Congress center in Smolenice, the Academia Congress center in Stará Lesná
  • Teambuilding activities (an institutional field day e.g. in Smolenice castle)

The institute offers programs in:

  • Slovak/English
Programs taught in:
  • English (US)

This school also offers:


Slovak Academy of Sciences, Institute of Informatics

A graduate of the Applied informatics study program acquires university education in the third degree (doctoral) in the field of applied informatics, knows the scientific ... [+]

A graduate of the Applied informatics study program: acquires university education in the third degree (doctoral) in the field of applied informatics, knows the scientific methods of research and development in the field of applied informatics with a focus on methods and means to draft informatic solutions to problems, learns the principles of individual work, teamwork and project management, scientific formulation of a problem, economic, legal and environmental aspects of new solutions, ethical and social aspects of scientific work, presentation of results, will understand the applied informatics for his respective field of application, will be ready to build scientific perspective in a variety of fields of applied informatics and for a direct entry into the trade market, will find application as a member of a creative team, or it’s leader, in any field, where knowledge of applied informatics is required. Admission Requirements ... [-]
Slovakia Bratislava
September 2020
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