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29 PhD Programs in Switzerland for 2024



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PhD Programs in Switzerland

Switzerland offers first-rate educational opportunities for candidates pursing PhD degrees. Switzerland is home to institutes of technology that are world leaders in the field of science and engineering education and research. Switzerland is also home to beautiful landscapes and an innovative environment where candidates are intellectually stimulated.

There are several diverse fields of study that a PhD in Switzerland can offer.  The top notch educational and research institutions are attractive for international candidates, as well as candidates from within Europe. Candidates pursuing a PhD in Switzerland are also considered employers so are paid as they are conducting research and pursuing their degree.  Candidates working toward their PhD in Switzerland are expected to complete their research with a dissertation or thesis, which provides significant contribution to their field of study.

Consider a PhD in Switzerland as you are looking for the educational institution that will fit your needs. Take a look through the options below and you may find the PhD in Switzerland that you have been waiting for!