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Ajman University Doctor of Philosophy in Law
Ajman University

Doctor of Philosophy in Law

Ajman, United Arab Emirates

57 Hours


Full time

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Sep 2024

AED 3,500 / per credit *


* total CRHs: 57


Ajman University's College of Law was established to be a cornerstone of legal education at both the local and regional levels, aiming to fulfil its role among UAE's higher education institutions in preparing legal professionals capable of contributing to society.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Law program was approved starting from the academic year 2017-2018.

Program Objectives

  1. Deepen the student's knowledge of legal specialisations and their connection to societal issues.
  2. Provide the community with qualified graduates capable of assuming teaching and planning responsibilities and developing their institutions.
  3. Enable the student to conduct specialised comparative legal research and studies that enrich legal knowledge.
  4. Instil a spirit of creativity and continuous knowledge development in the field of law in the student.
  5. Empower students to achieve high professional goals and hold leadership roles in the UAE society.
  6. Prepare students to address legal issues and challenges.
  7. Enable students to develop critical thinking skills.
  8. Contribute to developing the UAE community and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) communities.
  9. Qualify Emirati citizens to the highest degree in all legal specializations needed by the job market, contributing to the ongoing community development.
  10. Encouraging scientific competencies to promote creativity and innovation, as well as directing and advancing scientific research to address the issues of the Emirati society and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) communities.



Program Outcome

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