Doctorate Studies in Molecular Biology in Munich Germany

Earning a Ph.D. requires extended study and intense mental effort. A PhD is an academic study on which you concentrate for four to six years after obtaining your master’s degree, and that leads, if successful, to a PhD degree, the highest academic degree.

Molecular biology is the study of biological processes at the molecular level. It focuses on important cellular functions such as cell division, gene transcription and translation, and other essential processes needed for growth and survival.

Munich is the 3rd largest city in Germany. It is located in the state of Bavaria and has over 1 million residents. As a leading location for science and research, Munich has over 4 major universities and several colleges.

Best Doctor of Philosophy in Molecular Biology in Munich in Germany

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Graduate School Life Science Munich: From Molecules to Systems - PhD

6 semesters

The special characteristic and incentive of the Graduate School Life Science Munich - From Molecules to Systems – (LSM) lies in its transdisciplinarity and intersectoral broad ...

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