Material Engineering is focused on a very complex area of research, development, preparation, processing, characterization, and use of materials for various applications. This includes both the theoretical bases of material processes, particularly physics and chemistry of heterogeneous systems, kinetics of solid-state reactions and transport phenomena and the area of evaluation of functional properties of various kinds of materials for specific applications. As for the materials applications, dissertation theses are focused primarily on materials for electronics, photonics, and materials for bio-applications. Considerable attention is also paid to nanostructured materials, their preparation, properties, analyses, and evaluation of toxic effects. During the study and own research work, the students obtain thorough knowledge about the preparation and properties of various kind of materials. They will meet the advanced analytical and characterization methods for a study of dependence among materials composition, structure, and properties of materials (including of biocompatibility), as well as the mathematical methods and models for describing the technological processes and properties of materials.


The graduates will find employment in basic and applied materials research at universities, academicals institutions, research or technological centers in the Czech Republic or abroad. Further on, the graduates can be also be found in materials oriented industry at higher management positions connected with research and development.

Selection of recent theses

  • Influence of Temperature on Properties of Au Nanostructures
  • Cell´s interaction with modified polymers
  • Surface properties of Au nanolayers on polymer and glass substrate
  • Study of Electrophysical Anomalies of Thin Conductive and Semiconductive Layers
  • Deposition and characterization of carbon layers
  • Ohmic contacts on SiC with limited reactivity
  • Nanostructuring of solid substrate surface
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Last updated January 22, 2019
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Oct 2019
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Oct 2019
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