The Doctorate in Language and Literacy (Ph.D.) program prepares you to act as a literacy leader who understands theoretical and instructional models of literacy, recognizes new literacy trends in our digital age, services literacy acquisition, development and instruction, and fosters systemic change in your organization and community.

The Doctorate in Language and Literacy program is designed for educators, professionals and researchers with a background and/or interest in literacy, curriculum, and instruction, speech, and language or a related field. Faculty members integrate their collective expertise in Reading, Curriculum and Instruction, Writing, Special Education, and Speech and Language Pathology in the design and delivery of our innovative program.

Successful completion of the program may result in Reading Teacher (license #316) and Reading Specialist (license #17) certification from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI). This may require additional coursework depending upon your prior experience, and is subject to approval by the Wisconsin DPI.


  • EDL 703 - Research Seminar A
  • EDL 706 - Theoretical Models of Literature and Language
  • EDL 709 - Qualitative Methodology and Design
  • EDL 712 - Current Issues in Assessment
  • EDL 715 - Literacy and Language Symposium
  • EDL 716 - Research in Child Language Disorders Symposium
  • EDL 717 - Literacy and Language Symposium
  • EDL 720 - Writing Theory, Practice, and Assessment
  • EDL 722 - Instructional Models of Literacy and Language
  • EDL 726 - Research Seminar B
  • EDL 731 - Quantitative/Experimental Research Methodology/Design
  • EDL 736 - Mixed Methods Research Methodology/Design
  • EDL 740 - Comprehension
  • EDL 746 - Socio-Cultural Theories
  • EDL 750 - Language Acquisition
  • EDL 752 - Determining the Dissertation Topic
  • EDL 754 - Designing the Dissertation
  • EDL 762 - Current Issues in Word Knowledge

Degree Requirements

Doctorate in Language and Literacy

A student is a candidate for the doctoral degree when:

  • All doctoral coursework has been successfully completed.
  • All three yearly assessments of the curriculum strands have been successfully completed.
  • The dissertation has been accepted and approved.
  • The oral presentation has been successfully completed.
  • All financial obligations incurred have been met.
  • All graduate credits applied to the degree have been earned within the previous seven years at the time of graduation.
Program taught in:
  • English (US)

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